Healing my Deafness - Power of Imagination in Healing

 “The Power of Imagination in Healing”
Healing My Deafness with the Power of Imagination

   After many years spent discovering and working with the natural regenerative powers of the mind/body system, and learning how to heal myself using multiple avenues of holistic practice, including engaging the power of the Imagination, I realized that it had never occurred to me to try and heal my hearing. Somehow hearing and sight seemed to lay outside the realm of possibility.

   The hearing in my left ear was gone and had been gone since summer of 1984. I turned over in bed one summer night and discovered that I had no hearing at all in my left ear. On one side I could hear all the night sounds of summer in the woods of upstate NY, and on the other, nothing. No one could explain what had happened and it was diagnosed as “Sudden, Unexplained Permanent Hearing Loss”. This was the Medical Diagnosis, which even the last doctor I saw said was basically translated as “we don't know and there is nothing we can do about it.”

   It was not a condition that lent itself to the use of a hearing aid. So, over the many years I adapted to hearing with only one ear. As a teacher of Holistic Healing I often found myself teaching large classes. One day one of the students got upset because she said she was standing right next to me, asked me something and I completely ignored her. One of my assistants passed on this information. The next day, with an apology, I announced my deafness to the class and said,”Please, if you are standing on my left, outside the range of my peripheral vision, I will not hear you, so please tap me on the shoulder!"

   I decided that I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying this method of healing for the condition. And so I began.

   First, I realized that I had utterly accepted as unchangeable truth, my deafness. I understood that I never thought about it except to struggle with the deafness, with the sadness of the loss, the struggle to hear in movie theaters, restaurants, large crowds, over the air conditioning, etc., etc.

   One day, in 2011, after reviewing my experiences in healing my body of apparently "unhealable" things without the help of traditional medicine or doctors, ie:ruptured vertebrae (1980,) bulging disc 
( 2007), chronic bronchial pneumonia (1980's), I asked myself why I did not consider or trust that I could heal my hearing? I saw that I held a formidable belief that it was impossible, which of course made it impossible. I  reflected upon the conversation between Alice and the White Queen in  "Alice Through  the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll,( the White Queen is talking about the odd effects of living backward in time, so that you remember what happened tomorrow instead of yesterday.)

"I can't believe that!" said Alice.
"Can't you?" the Queen said in a pitying tone. "Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes." Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said: "one can't believe impossible things."
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

I began, therefore, to review how many impossible things I already not only believe but actively practice, and decided that I would go ahead and choose to change my mind and believe that I could heal my hearing, as the worst that could happen already had and if it didn't work nothing would be any different but if it did….

As we know, there is really no way to turn off the left brain, and who would really want to? We need it. Over many years of working with dynamics the different functions of the right and left hemispheres, I noticed one rather extraordinary thing. If I simply say, “I am just using my imagination”, the left brain goes to sleep. It does not believe in the imagination and therefore does not react by coming up with 10,000 logical, rational reasons that I cannot do this that or the other thing. So my first step was to announce to myself that I was “just going to use my imagination, and imagine hearing.” My left brain's response was in the realm of “ Great, go for it, good luck, so what.” No obstacles, no logic, no rational explanations or reasons that I could not do this.

    And so I began.
    First, I looked at my functional habits of deafness. I started with the physical details. The habit of always listening and turning my right ear towards sound, with a continual slight sense of anxiety that I wouldn't hear, so I observed the expectation of not hearing that was perpetually active. Then I felt the difference between my right and left ear. It was as if I did not have a left ear as I could not use it. My first action was to begin to “listen“ with my left ear. Literally, I began to pretend that I could hear. I began to remember hearing, to imagine sound. I concentrated upon receiving sound. Any sound, and I acknowledged it. I noticed that I always felt a constriction in the left side of my neck and I began to work with relaxing, expanding and opening this area.

In addition, I also began to picture the nerves of the ear, and to look at anatomical photos and drawings as I had been told that it was the main nerve of the ear that had been apparently damaged. The diagnosis for this type of hearing loss is explained by only observing the effect, with no knowledge of the cause. The detail of nerve damage coming from autopsy reports only.

When my mind would say negative or judgmental things, or express hopelessness or cynicism, I would simply acknowledge it and continue my practice of hearing.

Sometimes I would block my right ear, just to see if I could perceive any improvement. Many months went by with no perceivable improvement. I simply kept up the practice.

  Approximately one year later, in November of 2012, I was on a conference call, and had a sudden impulse to put the phone on speaker and hold it to my left ear. When I did, I thought I could hear a sound, as if I was listening from a very long distance. I could hear sound and words, as if they were very, very far away, but could not understand the words themselves. However, I was hearing sound. I was utterly stunned and amazed and slightly unbelieving. After the call I phoned my oldest friend and said,” I am going to hold the phone to my left ear, Please yell as loud as you can.” She did, and I heard it. Not clearly, not understandably, but I heard the sound. (Good Friends and what they will do for you !)

Once I knew that the hearing was re-establishing itself, I began to expect it to improve and it has. I can  now  hear conversations by covering my right ear, and listening only with my left ear. I can carry on and hear conversations in restaurants and movie theaters which has always been a most difficult if not impossible endeavor. I can lie on my right side in bed and watch a movie listening only with my left ear.

I would say that I now have about 60 to 75%% of my hearing back and I expect it to continue improving. 

Recently I was listening to a CD in my car, one that I have listened to for years. I had always thought that a certain section was purely instrumental, when suddenly I heard voices still singing. It was only coming out of the left speaker so until that moment I had never heard it before. I replayed it several times in amazement and gratitude.

I find this sort of thing happening now on a regular basis. I continue to test myself and to practice hearing.

   It is now 2017 and I continue to test myself and notice my hearing. One day I noticed that it did not seem as clear. I went back and began again to focus and practice consciously hearing and again it has again improved.
I feel that the process has allowed me to somehow circumvent the actual disability, and use another pathway to hearing. It shows me that to maintain this I need to exercise the process on a regular basis as the system very slowly begins to revert back to less hearing. In other words, the damaged nerve still exists in its damaged form but I have created a way to hear that engages the principle of hearing and is supported both physically and through the power of manifested imagination. I believe it is similar to a kind of paralysis that will reoccur if the muscles and nerves are not consciously mindfully exercised.
But the truth us, I was deaf and now I am not. The Power of Imagination in Healing.

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