The Choice to Feel™ - Tools for Emotional Transformation Part 1

"The Choice to Feel”
 Tools for Emotional Transformation & Empowerment
Part 1
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched -
they must be felt with the heart. "
Helen Keller
What is feeling? Where does it live in us? How does it move? What changes feelings? How do feelings heal? Does everything feel? What would happen if every human being had an empathic connection to every other human being? To all the animals? To all of Nature? What if we already are? Where does joy live?
The journey inward is the quest, the path to enlightenment, the search for the Grail. A glimpse into the moment of understanding the stellar symphony, hearing the music of the spheres, knowing what love is. Traveling the path of feeling one becomes familiar with every movement of our collective cellular structure. It is to know that the equilibrium of one is the equilibrium of all. No movement can be felt or taken without affecting the all. The Choice to Feel it, to hear it, to practice listening to what it says creates a pathway transforming our relationship with fear.
There is only one way to slow the fantastically increasing speed of our world. We must pause and listen.
We must make The Choice to Feel, to feel ourselves and, therefore, each other. To feel it all. Choice. Everyone feels. We simply choose how much.
If, as Steven Hawking states so beautifully in his book “A Brief History of Time”, the universe is infinitely expanding, then are we not part of that infinite expansion? Intrinsically a part of our universe? We can, with attention, willingness, humor and fearlessness, feel ourselves in that natural and inevitable continuous expansion. When we “bump” into a piece of ourselves that is not in that movement, that is the piece we can re-engage by connection to our internal empathy at a cellular level. This is in willingness to be transparent to ourselves and each other. Here we can both study and experience the effect on the health and balance of our entire system, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
The Choice to Feelis the journey to explore, expand and develop the empathic effect of our human consciousness. To access and trust intuition & imagination, empathy and feeling, as living, valuable, necessary, integral parts of our daily life; as tools to guide us deeper into ourselves, bringing balance, harmony and understanding to this mystery of being human.
The language of Feeling is a tangible reality. As one discovers and develops this recognizable and naturally familiar terrain, the effect on the mind, body and emotions is immediate, creating a doorway through which we have access to our own empathic nature, to transformation, empowerment and healing. Empathy is the missing piece, the part of ourselves we have set aside and lost contact with. Being open to empathically sensing (feeling) the parts of ourselves and others that we love and fear, we touch all the layers of the human mind, body and spirit thus meeting the inner consciousness through the layers of our physical reality. We enter and experience the internal process of Feeling, its effects on our body, mind and spirit and discover how it reconnects us all, as we open to the rhythm and harmony of feeling the exquisite possibilities of being human.
Presently, we live in a world that values logical linear thinking & scientific proof. Feeling, Intuition & Imagination, are considered to be of less value, not real or dependable as sources of information and truth. Is it not true then, that we are only living in half of ourselves? When we allow the expression of the right brain functions, of free empowered Imagination to express themselves with equal power and validity then and then only will we come into the full equilibrium of our natural selves.
The Choice to Feelis the next step in our human evolution.

Transforming Self-Judgment Into Fluid Consciousness

                                  “The Choice to Feel”™ 
Transforming Self -Judgment into Fluid Consciousness

The Choice to Feel is the choice to let go of our habits of internal judgment and allow the clear flow of the many feelings within us. Judgment stops movement. Feeling is a constant state of movement, a perpetually fluid, sacred geometry.
In the moment of noticing the difference you have made a simple but empowered choice.
The imagination creates the act of allowing, releases judgment, creates or re-inspires, gives breath to, and enlivens our entire system, our entire consciousness. This integral movement, invites and allows change, growth and expansion. The fluidity of consciousness. Simply, elegantly, easily, instantly. It is our natural state. It is always a choice. It is always available. Right now. Try it. Why not?

Judgment stops all movement. Instantly and completely. The moment we judge ourselves there is an instant contraction. This contraction can be felt physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically. Take a moment, right now, to simply pause and take note of how you feel right now. Then, gently please, think of something you don’t like about yourself, something you know you are self-judgmental about. Then press your internal pause button and pause in the judgment, take a slight step back and notice where in your body you react to this judgment. It is always, always a contraction. In this contraction all movement stops. This is expressed on many levels and in many dimensions. If you choose to explore further, you will notice more. You can voyage through the entire system and discover where the restrictions, the rigidities, the patterns of limitations, and pain live in your system. Then, with your imagination you can simply imagine what it would feel like to feel the opposite. What is the opposite of self judgment, of being self critical? Appreciation, pride, self esteem to name a few. In that moment of imagination, the judgment is released and movement beings again. This movement can and usually does include, the movement of the breath, a deep sigh, a sense of being instantly uplifted, happiness, the release of burdens, hope and more. The mind begins to move again, the vision expands, ideas begin to flow, inspiration and intuition have room to express themselves.

The Choice to Feel” Tools for Emotional Transformation & Empowerment
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Healing my Deafness - Power of Imagination in Healing

 “The Power of Imagination in Healing”
Healing My Deafness with the Power of Imagination

   After many years spent discovering and working with the natural regenerative powers of the mind/body system, and learning how to heal myself using multiple avenues of holistic practice, including engaging the power of the Imagination, I realized that it had never occurred to me to try and heal my hearing. Somehow hearing and sight seemed to lay outside the realm of possibility.

   The hearing in my left ear was gone and had been gone since summer of 1984. I turned over in bed one summer night and discovered that I had no hearing at all in my left ear. On one side I could hear all the night sounds of summer in the woods of upstate NY, and on the other, nothing. No one could explain what had happened and it was diagnosed as “Sudden, Unexplained Permanent Hearing Loss”. This was the Medical Diagnosis, which even the last doctor I saw said was basically translated as “we don't know and there is nothing we can do about it.”

   It was not a condition that lent itself to the use of a hearing aid. So, over the many years I adapted to hearing with only one ear. As a teacher of Holistic Healing I often found myself teaching large classes. One day one of the students got upset because she said she was standing right next to me, asked me something and I completely ignored her. One of my assistants passed on this information. The next day, with an apology, I announced my deafness to the class and said,”Please, if you are standing on my left, outside the range of my peripheral vision, I will not hear you, so please tap me on the shoulder!"

   I decided that I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying this method of healing for the condition. And so I began.

   First, I realized that I had utterly accepted as unchangeable truth, my deafness. I understood that I never thought about it except to struggle with the deafness, with the sadness of the loss, the struggle to hear in movie theaters, restaurants, large crowds, over the air conditioning, etc., etc.

   One day, in 2011, after reviewing my experiences in healing my body of apparently "unhealable" things without the help of traditional medicine or doctors, ie:ruptured vertebrae (1980,) bulging disc 
( 2007), chronic bronchial pneumonia (1980's), I asked myself why I did not consider or trust that I could heal my hearing? I saw that I held a formidable belief that it was impossible, which of course made it impossible. I  reflected upon the conversation between Alice and the White Queen in  "Alice Through  the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll,( the White Queen is talking about the odd effects of living backward in time, so that you remember what happened tomorrow instead of yesterday.)

"I can't believe that!" said Alice.
"Can't you?" the Queen said in a pitying tone. "Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes." Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said: "one can't believe impossible things."
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

I began, therefore, to review how many impossible things I already not only believe but actively practice, and decided that I would go ahead and choose to change my mind and believe that I could heal my hearing, as the worst that could happen already had and if it didn't work nothing would be any different but if it did….

As we know, there is really no way to turn off the left brain, and who would really want to? We need it. Over many years of working with dynamics the different functions of the right and left hemispheres, I noticed one rather extraordinary thing. If I simply say, “I am just using my imagination”, the left brain goes to sleep. It does not believe in the imagination and therefore does not react by coming up with 10,000 logical, rational reasons that I cannot do this that or the other thing. So my first step was to announce to myself that I was “just going to use my imagination, and imagine hearing.” My left brain's response was in the realm of “ Great, go for it, good luck, so what.” No obstacles, no logic, no rational explanations or reasons that I could not do this.

    And so I began.
    First, I looked at my functional habits of deafness. I started with the physical details. The habit of always listening and turning my right ear towards sound, with a continual slight sense of anxiety that I wouldn't hear, so I observed the expectation of not hearing that was perpetually active. Then I felt the difference between my right and left ear. It was as if I did not have a left ear as I could not use it. My first action was to begin to “listen“ with my left ear. Literally, I began to pretend that I could hear. I began to remember hearing, to imagine sound. I concentrated upon receiving sound. Any sound, and I acknowledged it. I noticed that I always felt a constriction in the left side of my neck and I began to work with relaxing, expanding and opening this area.

In addition, I also began to picture the nerves of the ear, and to look at anatomical photos and drawings as I had been told that it was the main nerve of the ear that had been apparently damaged. The diagnosis for this type of hearing loss is explained by only observing the effect, with no knowledge of the cause. The detail of nerve damage coming from autopsy reports only.

When my mind would say negative or judgmental things, or express hopelessness or cynicism, I would simply acknowledge it and continue my practice of hearing.

Sometimes I would block my right ear, just to see if I could perceive any improvement. Many months went by with no perceivable improvement. I simply kept up the practice.

  Approximately one year later, in November of 2012, I was on a conference call, and had a sudden impulse to put the phone on speaker and hold it to my left ear. When I did, I thought I could hear a sound, as if I was listening from a very long distance. I could hear sound and words, as if they were very, very far away, but could not understand the words themselves. However, I was hearing sound. I was utterly stunned and amazed and slightly unbelieving. After the call I phoned my oldest friend and said,” I am going to hold the phone to my left ear, Please yell as loud as you can.” She did, and I heard it. Not clearly, not understandably, but I heard the sound. (Good Friends and what they will do for you !)

Once I knew that the hearing was re-establishing itself, I began to expect it to improve and it has. I can  now  hear conversations by covering my right ear, and listening only with my left ear. I can carry on and hear conversations in restaurants and movie theaters which has always been a most difficult if not impossible endeavor. I can lie on my right side in bed and watch a movie listening only with my left ear.

I would say that I now have about 60 to 75%% of my hearing back and I expect it to continue improving. 

Recently I was listening to a CD in my car, one that I have listened to for years. I had always thought that a certain section was purely instrumental, when suddenly I heard voices still singing. It was only coming out of the left speaker so until that moment I had never heard it before. I replayed it several times in amazement and gratitude.

I find this sort of thing happening now on a regular basis. I continue to test myself and to practice hearing.

   It is now 2017 and I continue to test myself and notice my hearing. One day I noticed that it did not seem as clear. I went back and began again to focus and practice consciously hearing and again it has again improved.
I feel that the process has allowed me to somehow circumvent the actual disability, and use another pathway to hearing. It shows me that to maintain this I need to exercise the process on a regular basis as the system very slowly begins to revert back to less hearing. In other words, the damaged nerve still exists in its damaged form but I have created a way to hear that engages the principle of hearing and is supported both physically and through the power of manifested imagination. I believe it is similar to a kind of paralysis that will reoccur if the muscles and nerves are not consciously mindfully exercised.
But the truth us, I was deaf and now I am not. The Power of Imagination in Healing.

Goldenrod Flower Essence - The Intersecting Multi-Dimensional Planes of Possibility

Goldenrod - The Goldenrod Flower Essence stimulates an awareness of defined pathways within the intersecting multidimensional planes of “is-ness”, infinite potential realities and unlimited possibilities. This essence creates a tangible experience and magnification of the intersecting multi -dimensional planes of possibility.
There are lines of light or planes, infinite hanging planes, moving, floating in infinite space – geometric planes.
Goldenrod Essence defines these planes, by making them tangible, and demonstrates or guides one into a clear understanding of the fluid nature of creating and the action of precise fluidity.

As one is able to perceive these planes, one can use the Goldenrod Essence to support conscious focus of this phenomenon. This essence assists one in choosing or selecting creation on the subtle plane before causality, or the linear dimension of reality, before it becomes a material structure.
The “planes” exist all the time and appear to be floating or moving in infinite space, perpetually. Each plane represents an infinite possibility and every plane is affected by the others; the angles simply shift position and direction as cause and effect affect their movements. There is no emotion here, only pure cause and effect. 
Goldenrod Essence gives one an experience of infinite reality, experiencing the Universe as geometric planes of continuous movement.
This is an essence for people with or desiring a focused intention. It invites one into a deeply meditative state as it shifts one into a natural detachment from emotion into “ is-ness” in movement.
No desire, no pain, just pure defined and undefined being.
The “ planes” meet and affect each other and keep moving, only the angles change.
Goldenrod gives you the ability to perceive this reality and once perceived the Golden Light can be added to a plane, at some point it turns back into Light. Each plane represents pure, infinite undefined possibility and potential. You can “ name “ a plane with for instance your intention, then name another plane “You”, then bring both planes together as one and bring them “down” into materiality.
The image is of infinite hanging flat planes. Like geometric one dimensional flat rectangles, floating in infinite space in a reality of pure "is-ness". They could be referred to as multidimensional planes of pure intention. There is no desire, just pure being, and pure unlimited potential & possibilities.
 Goldenrod both defines the planes by making them tangible and demonstrates not only the fluid nature of creation but the nature of precise fluidity.
One can use the essence, or your own mind and imagination to infuse a plane with golden light, " light it up". Then you can actually name a plane with the principle of what is you wish to create, name another as yourself, bring the "planes/shapes/flat rectangles" together. Merge them together with the feeling that you are matching frequencies/ vibrations, and imagine the combines new plane as coming "down" through a vibratory reality into a physical reality. Bring it right into your body/mind/spirit.Then let the Universe show you your new reality through the integration of this new vibratory creation in you.
This is what I call the Alice Through the Looking Glass method of creation. One creates from the subtle planes and brings into form what already exists. We tend to block creation by trying to figure it all out from the how to end of the mind.
The” planes” appear to be the first level of manifestation before or in a subtle reality of space and time, where space and time are the same. Goldenrod brings one into the awareness of Quantum Space Time and Special Relativity.

Using Goldenrod Essence for the Physical Body:

For the body it has to do with shooting golden light ( Soma). It raises consciousness, and is like clear kundalini.  It enhances perception of the body as an energetic vessel or container. And as an energetic container one can perceive the effects of Golden Light in and throughout the system.
To feel this quality of being or is-ness and nothing else is a deeply peaceful experience.Golden Light, Joy, Bursts of Golden EnergyI am a harbor of the sun”, I am the Power of Golden Light.
Goldenrod Essence is a consecration. It is deeply calming. The ultimate “AM” remedy without the “I” .

This is also a remedy of Peace. In the absence of all, there lies peace. Peace and is-ness.The Peace of Is-ness. Goldenrod is Peace Remedy bringing us a deep sense of inner peace as it brings the consciousness into awareness of “just being,” it activates the movement and desire towards the level of consciousness where peace resides.

The essence itself augments the perceptions that are already available to all of us.

Healing Horses

Kate Rose - Healing Horses
Hands on Healing for Horses

Integrative Bodywork
Empathic Healing
FluidMovementtm Technique
Flower Essences

​Kate Rose works with all breeds of horses specializing in treating Thoroughbreds & Dressage Horses. Combining her 25 years as a classical ballerina, and her 30 years teaching Holistic Healing & Movement Integration, she has created a highly effective method of working with and healing these beautiful and highly trained animals. With her understanding and knowledge of anatomy, the nervous system, the long term effects of trauma & repetitive stress combined with her unique and highly developed ability to feel and understand feeling, she skillfully communicates directly and clearly 
with every horse she touches.

She is often asked if she is a "Horse Whisperer". She thinks of herself as a horse listener.

Kate has worked with horses in New York State, Virginia, The Netherlands & Italy. She spent 11 years living in Italy & the South of France and now resides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
She has never met a horse she has not fallen in love with.

“A Swift Path to the Heart”™
A  7 week private class with Kate Rose
Private Skype Sessions

Week 1Connecting the Pathway between the Heart & the Mind
Week 2 - Transforming Limiting Beliefs 
Week 3 -  The Energetic Matrix
Week 4-  The “Choice” Empowerments
Week 5- Deepening, Clearing, Practicing, Manifesting
Week 6 – The Act of Letting Go, Release & Receive
Week  7 The Divine Connection  - Completion, Next Steps   

Kate Rose has a remarkably unique talent to help and heal people.
Through years of refinement and God-given talent it is obvious that she could see things about me that most people could not. With an almost other-worldly sense of intuition and empathy she not only provides her gift as a healing tool but also inspires us to think beyond what we thought was possible.
As one candle can light many others, anyone who has the opportunity to share time with Kate is blessed and left forever changed.
Ryan W. D.Parenti, Manager of The Rishikesh School of Yoga, Rishikesh, India