RoseAngelis Remedies - Phlox Drummondi - Butterflies

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Phlox Drummondi ~ The Ethereal Feminine. This Remedy carries the energy of our " inner butterflies". It supports a lightness of mind that allows us to experience "flights of fancy" in the form of inspired ideas, possibilities and a new awareness of options. A cleaner and cleanser of what one might experience as dark or negative feelings and energies that we carry unconsciously. Uplifting, it carries and transmits the quality of beauty and gentleness that we see in a butterfly.

RoseAngelis Remedies - Black Eyed Susan - Confidence, Intention, Power & Forward Motion

Related imageBlack Eyed Susan ~ A truly wonderful remedy that offers the feeling of effervescence, energy and joy. Black Eyed Susan tunes one into pure creative force. This essence connects one with confidence, intention, power and forward motion. If you are feeling stuck, this essence carries the quality of grounded positivity, healthy ambition,anticipation & inner strength. It is both clearing and balancing, holding the vibration of honor, integrity and inclusion.Creating for the good of all. Creating from an awareness of the effects on the whole. Can aid in the transformation of depression, of doubt into confidence.

RoseAngelis Remedies - Healing Flower Essences Forget - Me- Not, A Message from Mother Nature

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Forget Me Not ~ Mother Nature says "Forget Me Not!" This Remedy connects us with and opens a door into Nature, reminding us and teaching us that as a species we are forgetting Nature as a partner and a guide. Forget Me Not Essence supports the entry into the Presence of Nature and a part of ourselves we may have disconnected from or forgotten. In addition to simply enjoying Nature, we can, with this essence, experience being inside Nature and Nature being inside us. It connects us with Mother Nature and through receptivity to the connection supported by this essence, one can begin to participate with Nature in a new way. For anyone who wants to deepen their connections with, understanding of and relationship with Mother Earth, and to learn to work in full cooperation with Her, this essence opens the door.
A Remedy for listening, and perceiving, the Forget Me Not Essence supports opening to new ways of hearing and learning. For people who feel limited by their present path in life, this essence supports us to expand pur consciousness in new directions, to drop limiting beliefs, to open to what may be right in front of us, waiting to be seen and heard.
The Essence of making what seems invisible seen and heard.

A Loving Remembrance of My Beautiful Mother Suzanne Robinson Gordon January 4th, 1929 - August 21st, 2018

Suzanne Robinson Gordon
January 4th, 1929- August 21st, 2018

Our beautiful Mother, Suzanne Robinson Gordon, died on August 21st, 2018 at
9.15 pm in the evening. Her loving son Adam David Gordon and her adored grandchildren Emily & Andrew Gordon, stayed by her side all day and night, playing beautiful music, singing and loving her throughout the day.
Her sweetness, graciousness, elegance and loving nature shone through her even as she slowly melted away in the Dementia that claimed her dynamic being day by day, year by year.
We remember her with love and laughter, honor her multitude of accomplishments, gifts and talents and in each of our hearts hold her legacy of knowing what love is.
She has joined her adoring husband, Harry M. Gordon, who passed away too soon on October 28th, 2007 and is survived by her four children, Jenni Gordon,
Kate Rose (Gordon), Jane Gordon Klegman, Adam D. Gordon, her grandchildren Emily Gordon and Andrew Gordon & Rachel Klegman Bartkowiak and Sarah Klegman, her son-in-law, Dr. Steven P. Klegman, her beloved daughter-in-law Suzanne Sheridan Gordon and her grandson-in-law Brandon Bartkowiak, and her 2 beautiful great grandsons, Sullivan & Hudson Bartkowiak.

She wrote letters to all of us, and in each of them she said,
"Remember me with laughter."
And we will.
But perhaps not today...