Healing with the RoseAngelis Remedies - Inspiration

 RoseAngelis Remedies
 " The Combination Essences"
The Alchemy of Combined Essences
Each Flower has its own signature and offers a unique healing gift. When the essences are combined each flower offers a specific quality in harmony with all the others, alchemically creating a new essence with a very specific focus. Like an orchestra, each Flower offers a note to create a new song of healing empowering our own natural capacity to heal.

Inspiration  ~ 
The Inspiration Essence supports us in trusting our intuitive creativity, connecting us with the pure creative force.A joyful infusion of spiritual awareness inviting us to connect with a larger consciousness, experience a wider mind, clear thoughts and multiple perspectives, opening to doorway to inspiration. Inspiration ~ This essence supports us in trusting our intuitive creativity, connecting us with the pure creative force.A joyful infusion of spiritual awareness inviting us to connect with a larger consciousness, experience a wider mind, clear thoughts and multiple perspectives, opening to doorway to inspiration.

Healing with the RoseAngelis Remedies -The Courage Formula

The RoseAngelis Remedies -" The Combination Essences"

The Courage Formula

In moments when we need to connect with the place inside us that helps us go forward in spite of our fears, difficulties, griefs and obstacles, the Courage Essence helps us connect with that place. To feel the many different kinds of courage: the courage to begin again; the courage to take the first step into change; to feel confidence, faith in ourselves, faith in something bigger than ourselves; the power to stand strong in the midst of the fear and challenges. a new song of healing empowering our own natural capacity to heal.

Healing with The RoseAngelis Remedies - The Clearing Formula

The RoseAngelis Remedies
 " The Combination Essences"

The Alchemy of the Combined Essences
Each Flower has its own signature and offers a unique healing gift. When the essences are combined each flower offers a specific quality in harmony with all the others, alchemically creating a new essence with a very specific focus. Like an orchestra, each Flower offers a note to create a new song of healing empowering our own natural capacity to heal.

"The Clearing Formula"

 Purifying, cleansing, clearing of energies gathered or absorbed in daily life. Invigorating, it lifts us into clearer vision, clears emotions, stimulates joy. Excellent for practitioners of healing modalities in clearing collected energies of clients. For Highly sensitive people and empaths. For anyone who feels overwhelmed by the gathered weight of daily life. A cleansing shower, a clean sweep, from foggy to clear.

Healing with The RoseAngelis Remedies Phlox Drummondi- The Ethereal Feminine

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 Phlox Drummondi – The Ethereal Feminine – This Flower Essence Remedy carries the energy of our “inner butterflies.”

It supports a lightness of mind that allows us to experience “flights of fancy” in the form of ideas, possibilities, and awareness of options. 

A cleaner and cleanser of what one might experience as dark or negative feelings and energies that we can carry unconsciously.  It is uplifting, with the quality of beauty and gentleness that we see in a butterfly.


Healing with the RoseAngelis​ Remedies- Sweet William- The Peacemaker's Remedy

Sweet William-  this essence offers fullness where it was empty and is quite soothing. 

From the Flower:
I am a million eyes seeing the inter-connectedness of all things. I create soft edges of integration.

For community: 
 “I am the pathway supporting the template of integration; soft integration. My sweetness, is both in my fragrance and my signature is the balance of the masculine and the feminine.”
Sweet William supports the acceptance of differences. It shows us how we are stronger as a unit, yet beautiful on our own.

For situations where opposing sides cannot come to agreement, Sweet William is a pathway to “fragrant compromise”, meaning that no one feels they have lost and the compromise supports both sides equally. Sweet William is the mediator. Stimulates the consciousness or awareness of the possibility of equal compromise. It is a peacemaker's remedy.

The outer edge of each individual blossom is a “feather”- soft, sweet, soldiers for peace. As you travel further inward, it becomes more defined and one finds points, these are the specifics.

So, Sweet William allows one to gently enter into communication or even observation and then with understanding, move into detail and structure. It supports the understanding of that structure, while creating a soft space or edge to rest in.

For situations where there is a tendency or pattern or expectation of disharmony, Sweet William supports finding harmony. Being whole while respecting and celebrating differences. Part of the Peace remedies.

Healing with the RoseAngelis Remedies

Lisianthus - Happiness, Contentment, Self Acceptance. This essence could be described as a heart healer. (the emotional heart). The Lisianthus Flower Essence Remedy connects us with our inner strength, inner goodness, our true nature. The place inside us where we know that “I am enough”. It makes the present moment both accessible and inviting. We can experience self acceptance as a natural way of being, finding a place of an inner stillness, that feels like the essence of a deep relieved sigh. Brings awareness of the breath and deepens it. Lisianthus says, “I know that I am.” An essence that relieves worry.


Feverfew – This is a remedy of new beginnings. Clearing out the past. Spring after winter. As a fever burns out disease from the body, Feverfew Essence acts like a “cold fever”. A brisk wind that blows out the old to make room for the new. It assists us as we pass through difficult times of change. It is a remedy of completion and new beginnings. If you are trying to release the old forms or patterns, relationships and habits in your life and to enter a new path, Feverfew essence supports us in being courageous and willing to take the step into a fresh new life. A Transition Remedy, Feverfew can also be used to support the dying process.

Healing with The RoseAngelis Flower Essence Remedies Self Esteem & Self Worth

 Orange Hawkweed ~ A feminine, sweet warrior
who knows when to bristle; knowing how and
when to use your power. Offers the simplicity of being,
has a centering focus. Tells us to "Stand Tall ",
reflecting independence & self worth .
Pliny believed that hawks fed on it to strengthen their eyesight.

DEPTFORD PINK – The Self- Worth Essence- “Don't be fooled by my size!”
Deptford Pink essence is about self worth and value, not comparing oneself but feeling one's inner value clearly. Self worth in the face of criticism. It is the light itself that holds the key and the power. Even a tiny speck of light dispels the darkness and the smallest kind action or thought affects the whole. This essence teaches us about flourishing where we are planted.
My bright color is the balance of my size.” Shine your light- size does not matter in any realm
I am so beautiful in my smallness that all eyes are drawn to me”. Deptford Pink - A star that lives on the Earth.
Deptford Pink Essence activates our inner gentleness, relaxation, singing, playfulness & childlike innocence.

Deptford Pink Essence brings an awareness of the power of cooperation and inter-species communication.
This is the Essence of Self Worth. It activates your deep inner knowing that you are is important, unique, important and crucial to the wholeness of all, even if it seems to be in a tiny corner of life, it is all about the Beauty in hidden corners.
How a tiny drop of color changes the whole landscape” Your voice, your words and your being are that tiny drop of color shining like a star in the milky way.
You have all the the power of a star. Just as a star shines it lights as the nature of its being, so does Deptford Pink supports us to know that our individuality is our right and needs to be shone, not judged.
The Deptford Pink Flower Essence Remedy brings us into a childlike consciousness of play for plays sake, joy for joy's sake.

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Healing with the RoseAngelis Remedies

 The RoseAngelistm Remedies - Quantum Flower Essences

 Pink Hydrangea Flower Essence

Pink Hydrangea When the harshness of the world seems overwhelming, Pink Hydrangea Essence makes it softer, as if you are looking out a different window, one you might not know is there. This essence envelopes one in a soft tone of quietude. It carries the Feminine and can help someone who has only known harshness. It is a good remedy for healing trauma of abuse.

Pink Hydrangea  has the energy of a tree, in the astral world it is a tree). It carries the energy of Angels and the Feminine. Bringing us into an awareness of the veils between the 2 worlds: what we as human beings, perceive or assume the world is and  the reality of how Nature perceives itself. This essence supports gaining the awareness of the “otherness” of Nature's Nature herself, not nature as we humans make it to be. 

Pink Hydrangea essence can teach us to respect and honor nature, it activates our inner natural reverence allowing us to both see and feel deeper qualities in Nature, re-connecting us with the natural world.
Pink Hydrangea Essence is about tones of transformation, what “note” am I singing? Helping us to find inner harmony, through being “tuned”.

This essence helps us by expand by moving one beyond a standard set of beliefs.
It is all about the limits of belief. The size of your belief is the size of your reality.
Because it is so otherworldly, it gives us a peek or a glimpse into a more refined quality of consciousness.
Grace and gracefulness, it carries a deeply Feminine Energy.

Healing with RoseAngelis Flower Essence Remedies False Dandelion - "Clean Sweep"

 False Dandelion - “Clean Sweep”  

This Essence roots out old patterns that are stuck or “glued” in the “bodies” (physical, mental, emotional, energetic). If one has a block that is very long term, this remedy both helps to loosen it up . It is helpful with self-doubt and fear of change.

This is a useful remedy to use when setting an intention.

 False Dandelion Essence both loosens and un-sticks old grime, negative energies, and long term unconscious patterns that constrict and restrict our growth and healing. Once loosened it supports internal cleansing. This is a remedy one can take over a long period of time, to support the clearing of old deep patterns. It affects the holding of “old stories”. If you are working with transforming old patterns that are the result of deep held beliefs, contracts, covenants, or vows that are worn out and no linger serve you, False Dandelion will support you to release and clear these patterns on multiple levels allowing and supporting a comprehensive clearing of your system and consciousness.

 Its nature and signature is the offer of transmutation of Dark into Light. I Internal transmutation, with waves of electromagnetic energy. It is a catalyst and can be described as a catalytic converter. 

  False Dandelion Essence creates a clearing that happens in the unconscious, pushing the old and the dark out. It is extremely helpful with self doubt and fear of change. It brings joy and warmth, relaxes the heart, stimulates the thyroid & throat chakra, “Gives Voice”. 

 This is a useful remedy to use when setting an intention.

 Purpose and Effect on the Earth: False Dandelion, sometimes called Cat’s Ear, looks like a miniature, tall dandelion and functions like a tiny satellite dish radiating waves of electromagnetic force that both feeds and clears the earth.

They act as response to the poisoning of the Earth through chemicals. The signature of False Dandelion is Calm, Golden Sunlight, Breath and a Cushion of Healing Energy.

The damaging of the ozone layer is affecting photosynthesis. This flower photosynthesizes and then sends out an electromagnetic pulse continually that helps balance and support the earth.

 It is a flower/plant of protection and sustenance.




Healing With Flower Essences - Delphinium

Delphinium - A Deep, Blue Sea of Delphinium, “I Am Water” Re-birth or second chances, a second flowering.
This is an essence for projects that may come later in life or are not thought of as important or real enough. Delphinium Essence supports trusting your intuitive creativity when you think you have already blossomed, and inspires you to “put out another bloom” in spite of the season. For anyone who feels discouraged about the value of their self-expression.
When one feels discouraged about getting older and life “passing you by”, Delphinium essence helps us to re-connect with our creative forces, to feel positivity and excitement again about our ideas and aspirations. It helps us see the value and depth of our experience and how it can imbue our creations with depth and fullness.
The “I can do it” remedy.
The essence Delphinium brings us into connection with our spine as the main support of our body. It brings a sense of strength and tallness.
Delphinium has a water signature and brings to us an inner stillness that is quiet, soothing and restful like deep water. A deep, deep, deep blueness. Balance. In the same way that water becomes still and reflective, Delphinium Essence enhances the “climb” towards stillness, just as one can throw a pebble in a pond and then slowly watch the ripples fade to still water, this essence supports the inner patience required to find one's stillness.
Delphinium can enhance breathing and the senses bringing an awareness of the 5 senses, taste smell, hearing, touch, sight. It is an emotional cleanser and clearer.
It offers awareness of what creates balance, as the florets are balanced on the spine/stalk of the plant. It is a consciousness raiser and brings awareness of community and the balance of power required to function as community. 
A good essence for people working with hands on healing, as it can augment receptive awareness.
Delphinium is Royal Flower and carries a high frequency in its color & luminescence. Delphinium, a luminous and majestic being, it absorbs light and gives light back.

Healing with Flower Essence Remedies - Blue Salvia

Blue Salvia

The signature of this Flower Essence is “A Carpet of Higher Consciousness”.
Embodied Aspiration. One pointed wisdom, reaching to the sky like a spiritual antenna.
It supports one in the feeling of being connected to the expanded, larger, wider, bigger than me awareness “in spite of my own smaller mind". Blue Salvia acts to clarify the mind. It offers the experience of feeling a tangible difference between the “small mind” and the “big mind” without judgment, just awareness, activating the experience of choice. With this essence one can  experience the sensation of being inside aspiration.
Radiating the Violet Ray it gives access to the power of forgiveness and the power of letting go.
It can connect us with what it feels like to aspire. 
Blue Salvia enhances one's focus for meditation and acts as a centering force.

Kate Rose - Hands on Healing for Horses

Kate Rose - Healing Horses
Hands on Healing for Horses

Integrative Bodywork
Empathic Healing
FluidMindtm Technique
Flower Essence Therapy

 Kate Rose is an Empathic Intuitive Healer and Teacher offering her unique gifts healing Humans, Horses and the Earth. Combining her almost 40 years of Private Practice and teaching of Holistic Healing & Movement Integration in the US, Europe & the Middle East, her skill and knowledge in multiple modalities of natural healing with her understanding and knowledge of anatomy, the nervous system, the long term effects of trauma & repetitive stress combined with her unique and highly developed ability to feel and understand feeling, she has created a highly effective method of communicating, listening to, working with and healing these beautiful animals. She skillfully communicates directly and clearly with every horse she touches, creating realignment, equilibrium, relief from pain and injury and effecting the patterns that are inherent in injury and illness.
Kate has worked healing horses in New York State, Virginia, The Netherlands & Italy. She spent 11 years living in Italy & the South of France and now resides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She has never met a horse she has not fallen in love with.


Healing with Flower Essences - Grief

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Purple Queen Anne's Lace – Grief, comfort, alignment, uplifting. This is a  remedy that works with our grief.  Of all the emotions, I have found that grief is not negotiable. Often times people try to offer comfort by saying, "It will get better." It will definitely change, but "better", I find is an odd word to use when it comes to grief. Grief is not controllable, you cannot make it go away. It comes in waves, and just as the ocean has different tides, storms and tsunamis, so does grief. Purple Queen Anne's Lace supports objectivity, which is a hard thing to come by when we are in the throes of grief. Its gift to us is in creating a moment of space, almost an extra breath when we cannot find our own.  One can feel oneself standing at a bit of a distance from the overwhelm of the moment and a sense that possibilities exist. It blends intuition with action, supporting the balance and integration of the Feminine. Purple Queen Anne's Lace eases grief, uplifts the heart, the vision brightens, we have a feeling of ”looking up”. This essence softens the experience of the outer world when we are feeling vulnerable. When one feels overloaded or the consciousness seems weighted in one direction and it is hard to move the mind, emotions and energy, Purple Queen Anne's Lace assists in lifting us into a wider and lighter perspective. It helps relieve sadness and depression, helps one to feel “I am not alone.”

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RoseAngelis Remedies - Healing with Flower Essences - Golden Yarrow

Golden Yarrow - Deeply relaxing as it changes unconscious hyper -vigilance to a golden cocoon of protection. One feels encased in a golden cocoon of safety and protection.
Feeling enclosed in a second skin. For Empaths, Highly Sensitive People or anyone whose nerve endings feel too close to the surface, it offers not only the feeling of protection but of impenetrable armor of golden shining light. Things bounce off of it. Your strength stays with you. Golden Yarrow activates an extra layer of shielding. One can move easily through the world inside a golden shield. It is excellent for people who tend to leak energy, always giving their energy more than they are receiving energy. For people who consciously or unconsciously pour energy, life force, and emotions into others without keeping anything for oneself and often burning out even on a daily or hourly basis.
Golden Yarrow helps support balanced giving, inner equilibrium, and replenishment that naturally occurs in a closed intact system with naturally functioning boundaries that continually recycles its energy and life force (Prana).
When taken with White Yarrow and Pink Yarrow Remedies one has “The Ultimate Protection Remedy.”

Healing The Body with Flower Essence Remedies

Birdsfoot Trefoil – Lotus Corniculatus
A remedy for Highly Sensitive People - "The Empath's Remedy"
Birdsfoot Trefoil says:  “I can bring balance to your body”
Clears  false illusions about body image
Connects heart and throat chakras, For Anorexia & Bulimia

The Physical and Emotional Effects:
Subtle, gentle and soothing, Birdsfoot Trefoil Remedy addresses issues that carry strong emotions in a gentle way that cradles and soothes the emotion while supporting the balance in healing it.
For those who feel they are carrying around “the weight of the world”, translated into extra body weight or into extreme lack of body weight.
Birdsfoot Trefoil soaks up and clears negative body image. For those who have never felt comfortable in their body for whatever reason, have been called hypersensitive, outsiders, for people who have always been different, and have been judged or criticized for that difference.
It can connect one with the “grief of embodiment.

This remedy supports the clearing of old, held kinesthetic memories, it affects and helps balance the memories of childhood physical trauma, lighting it up and then clearing it.
One can experience a lifting of veils in the mind and feel the body as beautiful and wondrous. It is like looking in the mirror and no matter which way you look you perceive your beauty.
The signature of this essence is its gentleness.

Specific detailed information from Birdsfoot Trefoil on Anorexia & Eating Disorders:
     Anorexia's vibrational signature is that of a parasitic invasion of consciousness translated to somatic reality. Similar to an entity, anorexia has a parasitic consciousness. It functions in one's consciousness in a similar way that a virus or a bacteria functions in the body in that it both travels and grows.
    The Vibrational signature of eating disorders are of invasive negative perceptions of self.
There is an inability to see oneself clearly and a false image is projected inwardly; self perpetuating, anorexia is like a reactive virus. With each mental or emotional reaction of self hatred, self judgment, etc., the “virus “spreads, saturating the consciousness and resonating through the physical system.
This remedy opens the door to receiving food and nourishment allies rather than an enemies.

The Energetic:  Lighting up the cells:  On an energetic level, Birdsfoot Trefoil Essence
Lights up the “dark” places/ shadows in the cells. Energetic shadows in the cells are pieces of consciousness so to speak, that overlay the energy of the cell and create an imprint that is connected to, in this case, eating disorders, self image and stored physical trauma.
These shadows, once created are like or act like a virus or fungus, continuing to spread and grow and saturate the cells and thus the consciousness. It zeroes in core imprint at the moment of creation/the moment the consciousness accepts the thought feeling experience etc.

    This vibrational signature affects the vision center in the brain connecting both  to physical vision and sense of Self worth, myopically, blindly etc. One can look in a mirror and will simply not be able to see the actual reflection but only the reflection in the mind, which is always “wrong, bad, ugly,” etc.
    From the perspective of consciousness, anorexia is not just an eating disorder, it is a state of consciousness that denies nurturing, that “starves” an essential part of oneself.

Anorexia: the denial of nurture/nurturing
Bulimia: the refusal to receive, integrate –  a rejection of life, an inability to digest living

This essence essence carries the feeling of fragile round softness/beauty.
Positive: clearing, clarity of vision, inner and outer.

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