Transforming Self-Judgment Into Fluid Consciousness

                                  “The Choice to Feel”™ 
Transforming Self -Judgment into Fluid Consciousness

The Choice to Feel is the choice to let go of our habits of internal judgment and allow the clear flow of the many feelings within us. Judgment stops movement. Feeling is a constant state of movement, a perpetually fluid, sacred geometry.
In the moment of noticing the difference you have made a simple but empowered choice.
The imagination creates the act of allowing, releases judgment, creates or re-inspires, gives breath to, and enlivens our entire system, our entire consciousness. This integral movement, invites and allows change, growth and expansion. The fluidity of consciousness. Simply, elegantly, easily, instantly. It is our natural state. It is always a choice. It is always available. Right now. Try it. Why not?

Judgment stops all movement. Instantly and completely. The moment we judge ourselves there is an instant contraction. This contraction can be felt physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically. Take a moment, right now, to simply pause and take note of how you feel right now. Then, gently please, think of something you don’t like about yourself, something you know you are self-judgmental about. Then press your internal pause button and pause in the judgment, take a slight step back and notice where in your body you react to this judgment. It is always, always a contraction. In this contraction all movement stops. This is expressed on many levels and in many dimensions. If you choose to explore further, you will notice more. You can voyage through the entire system and discover where the restrictions, the rigidities, the patterns of limitations, and pain live in your system. Then, with your imagination you can simply imagine what it would feel like to feel the opposite. What is the opposite of self judgment, of being self critical? Appreciation, pride, self esteem to name a few. In that moment of imagination, the judgment is released and movement beings again. This movement can and usually does include, the movement of the breath, a deep sigh, a sense of being instantly uplifted, happiness, the release of burdens, hope and more. The mind begins to move again, the vision expands, ideas begin to flow, inspiration and intuition have room to express themselves.

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