KateRoseHealingHorses - Kate and a Healed Tigger at White Rock Manor Farm

Yesterday at White Rock Manor Farm in Lexington, VA., with the amazing Rose McMillan. She and her husband have together  created the most incredible heaven for horses to retire to. If you want to see a heaven on earth or have a horse that is ready to retire, this is hands down, absolutely the most exquisite place they could ever be.

 I have worked with several of the horses there, and love them all, but this one in my special beloved....and the feeling is mutual!

 This is Tigger and I yesterday. ( pronounced Tiger). When I met him a few months ago, he wouldn't come near anyone, was rather depressed and nervous, just pulled deeply into himself and scared. 
 We had an instant connection that very day. He came right to me and now when I see him this is what happens. He wouldn't even let me get out of the golf cart....in amore!

Healing, Wholeness & Thank you

Thank you to everyone who responded to my #MeToo story. I believe it is important to say that the purpose in sharing it was two fold. It began as a response to a Facebook request to women that I black out my picture. In that post I said : "....So, I would ask that instead of being more invisible we make ourselves more and more visible by telling our stories, naming perpetrators, taking action, having a voice......"

Once I posted that I realized that I could not ask others to tell their story if I was unwilling to tell mine. And so I did.

I am very grateful for all the kind and loving responses to my shared experience. I am healed and have been for a long time. It was a long road and yet the healing of it has enabled me to work with the healing many people who have had similar experiences.

I am hoping that people can look past the story to the reality that in 44 years not much has changed. Again, I speak from a woman's perspective.

I believe it is time to speak up because silence has not worked. As we speak up and demand a response we are able to clearly see the manner in which women (people) are ignored, ridden over, silenced, and even in a terrible, historic and unprecedented action, we saw the so-called President of the United States joyfully ridiculing ( abusing) a brave, courageous and honest woman to the cheers of his supporters.

It is easy for all the people who wish to deny the reality of rape and abuse and of violence towards women as a cultural norm, to do so if we are silent. For me speaking up is not about receiving sympathy, (deeply, deeply appreciated), not about claiming victim-hood, (I am not a victim), but creating and being part of a wave of consciousness that is becoming a tidal wave. And each voice adds to the wave.

Even the language used in the Kavanaugh process by the men trying to push it through is the language of rape and violence. To quote :

(written by @LarisaAlexandrovnaHorton as posted on Facebook):
"I think I understand now why I am so upset about this case. I tried to sleep last night and all I kept thinking is why are they trying to "ram him" through despite the majority of the country and the majority of women saying "no," and "please stop," and "wait".... and in that very question I found the answer. It was so simple and so alarming.
They are literally playing out on the national stage and in real time what it feels like to be overpowered. "They won't take no for an answer. They won't listen or slow down. They won't stop. The more we say no, the more angry they get."The more we ask them to stop, the more entitled they feel." ( my quotes, underlines & italics).

When you are alone and being raped, screaming can be very dangerous. But perhaps millions of women using their voices together, loudly, quietly, clearly, continually....will create the change. It is impossible to change someone who is not interested in changing. But it is possible to educate and to refuse to accept what has been the norm for centuries.

It took a very long time for women to get the vote. It may take a very long time to break through the agreed upon denial, the sense of entitlement, the silence, the discrimination, the abuse.

This is why I told my story. For me it is time to go past the effects of the experience and transform the story into one of empowerment.

If it helped even one person I am grateful.

Perhaps knowing that it is possible to heal will help even more.

Thank you.