Flower Essences - What They Are and How to Take Them

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Flower Essences and How to Take Them

Flower Essences are infusions of freshly harvested organic flower blossoms gently set into a bowl of Spring Water, potentized by the Light of the Sun and stabilized with brandy or organic vinegar. They contain no perfume & are not essential oils. Similar to Homeopathy, Flower essences are self regulating & and can never cause any harm. Just as a beautiful meadow of flowers gives you a feeling of happiness, a flower essence allows you to both have that feeling with each flower affecting a different emotion and offering the gentlest way to balance emotion and support healing.

~How to take Flower Essence Remedies~
This RoseAngelis™ Remedy contains 1/2 oz. of the undiluted Flower Essence. Suggested dosage:Take 3 drops in a glass of Spring Water 3 x a day.

The Equine Flower Essence Collection

Healing Horses with Flower Essence Remedies
 RoseAngelis Remedies Equine Collection

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  Comfrey -The Master Healer offers a feeling of being bathed in a soothing bath. Its signature healing property is its continual expansion through the system. It works fast and speeds healing. A remedy used for “hopeless cases", for things that “won’t heal”. It promotes awareness of harmonious function and is balancing, revitalizing & regenerating; an all around healer that stimulates & awakens inner healing, waking up the system to remember itself in the wholeness of balanced health.

Delphinium - Re-birth or second chances, a second flowering. An essence for horses who suffer from a loss of their identity when they are retired, and may suffer depression, listlessness, antisocial behavior and “wither away” for no apparent reason. Delphinium Essence supports the transition to a new life and helps the animal let go of the old and embrace the new. It supports and inspires one ( equine or human) to “put out another bloom” in spite of the season. For horses that may manifest discouragement at no longer having an identity rooted in a familiar life. The “I can do it” remedy, it is an emotional cleanser and clearer.

False Dandelion- "Clean Sweep" : Horses carry the patterns of their years of training and experience in their bodies and are unable to let go or change them on their own. This often causes structural dysfunction, injury, pain or discomfort. False Dandelion is a "Clean Sweep", helping to both clear out the old patterns and create space for the new. It is extremely helpful with self doubt and fear of change. This Remedy has been shown to be effective in the healing of conditions where something is trying to leave the body so that it can heal but is blocked.

Feverfew- The remedy of new beginnings. Clearing out the past. As a fever burns out disease from the body, Feverfew acts like a “cold fever”, a brisk wind that blows out the old to make room for the new. It can assist a horse passing through a difficult time of change, whether through injury or change of venue. It supports the system to throw off and release conditions or patterns that can cause illness and may manifest as places in the body that create closed areas where imbalances can develop. It is a remedy of completion and new beginnings. A Transition Remedy, Feverfew may also be used to support the dying process.  

Healing Horses:

RoseAngelis Remedies - The Equine Flower Essences

AgeratumThe Graceful Aging Remedy. Re-empowerment. Floods the system with energy. Electrifying. A feeling of charging the nervous system. It can shine a light into the power of aging, the wisdom of experience. In the equine world , as a horse ages and moves from being a highly trained athlete to a retiree, this essence helps with the transition from an active intense life (racing, dressage and competition) into the pleasure of moving gracefully into aging.
Supports clear vision, defined edges, and helps with grounding and is quite soothing. This essence may assist with issues of breathing.

Healing Animals - The Interconnectedness of All Living Beings - Treating the Whole

From the perspective of Oneness and the inter-connectedness of all living beings....or if it is true that everything really is connected and we are truly all a part of each other...that life is continually reflecting our consciousness and therefore all consciousness in that inter-connectedness....how then do the animals in our lives interact with us in this process?

Many animals, horses, dogs and cats, being the ones we tend to be interacting with the most in daily life by their nature of love, loyalty and service are always taking on things with us and for us. They are highly sensitive beings and very tuned to the people they live among.

From the holistic healing perspective, in this case, energy, ( this does not discount the physical manifestation, but is just another part), when multiple messages with the same issue appear in a body system, or in life, it is always a very strong message to listen.
Shifting for a moment from the clinical perspective, if one can, in simple language define or describe the condition, for instance: 
 Abscesses: enclosed pockets of unprocessed energy, that have become encased in inflamed tissue, are stuck, have nowhere to move, cannot exit or complete the process of their life cycle, so to speak by draining and exiting the system.
They often represent unprocessed emotion or old issues looking to be healed. Issues that are most often unconscious or buried deeply. It may also be as simple as something that is repeatedly irritating, a thorn in one's side, so to speak. An issue on the back burner that has begun to burn.
Working from the perspective that the body/mind is always connected and that emotion has an enormous and continual effect on the somatic system, ( the basis of the philosophy, practice and effectiveness healing with flower essences), one can often have great success if treatment is offered comprehensively. That is, by including intuition, by listening to the system from a new perspective, by asking new questions. In addition it is the position or perspective that the systems are designed to regenerate, and when we approach with the question: " How can this be healed?" rather than " What is wrong here?", there is a completely different response in the system and in the consciousness.

Treating the whole, so to speak. 
If the issue or condition can be named, defined and acknowledged, there is a resonance established much the same as when you have been trying to be heard and suddenly are. There is an immediate let down reflex in the system, the condition can then continue the cycle of its life, which is to complete that cycle by exiting, draining, drying up and leaving the system to complete its healing process.
When animals all exhibit similar patterns or issues at the same time, it is important to communicate to them that you understand, you appreciate, and they are doing a great job, you got the message and you utterly support them to release and let go of the physical manifestation of an emotional or energetic pattern that is not theirs but that they may have taken on by virtue of their natures.

When we engage with Nature as a partner and honor the relationship by acknowledging Wholeness, seeming miracle happens, that are actually, quite simply, Nature re-balancing itself.
  It is the shift of consciousness from responding on one level to responding in a comprehensive and inclusive way, that opens doors and creates the pathways to balance, equilibrium and health.

"The FluidMind Technique " "Oneness and the Wave" with Kate Rose at Center of Gravity in Lexington

Introductory Workshop with Kate Rose at Center of Gravity

Sunday, August 19, 2018 from 12-2 pm
Class Fee: $30.00
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The FluidMind Technique”
(Pre-registration is Required )

Oneness & The Wave”
There is a wave that moves through all living things. We are part of this wave and its movement is what creates balance, equilibrium, inner peace, health and well being. Kate Rose’s FluidMind Technique teaches us a simple, effortless, pleasurable & natural way to reconnect with the wave inside each of us and in connecting with it, we connect with the Oneness of all that is. With gentle inner directed self questioning and soft effortless movement, we find our own personal pathway to relaxation, freedom from pain, limiting patterns of movement and inner peace. Our natural alignment has room to make itself known and we discover the incredible support of a system designed to give us freedom from the stress and rigidity that can be part of everyday life.

Kate Rose combines over 35 years of Private Practice and teaching of Holistic Healing & Movement
Integration in the US, Europe & the Middle East.
With her skill and knowledge in multiple modalities of Natural Healing, her understanding and knowledge of anatomy, the nervous system, the long term effects of trauma & repetitive stress combined with her unique and highly developed ability to feel and understand feeling, she has created a highly effective method of communicating, listening to, working with and healing Humans, Horses and the Earth. She gently and skillfully, with great humor and deep compassion, communicates directly and clearly with everyone she touches, creating balance, ease, realignment, equilibrium, relief from pain and injury and effecting the patterns that are inherent in injury and illness.
For registration please contact: Center of Gravity 540-462-2944