Introducing Personal Healing Formulas from RoseAngelis Remedies

RoseAngelistm Flower Essence Remedies
Personal Healing Formulas 

 A Personal Flower Essence Healing Formula
 is a remedy created specifically for your healing process.

It is a unique one of a kind remedy, co-created with the guidance of Essences themselves.
Personal Remedies are available to people who have had a Private Healing Session with Kate Rose.
 After the session, Kate then spends up to four hours creating your Personal Healing formula.

 "I first sit quietly feeling and recalling your session, asking to be guided to the essences that will best serve you.
I then gather those essences and again ask if this is the most perfect combination for you. Often there are changes and replacements. I have come to understand that if my mind has chosen an essence, it will in the second "asking" be quite clear that it is not in harmony. Then I ask again and often the appropriate essence jumps forward instantly.
I then bottle and label your essence.
  The next step of the process is writing  a description of each  essence in the formula. These descriptions are taken from my original Flower Essence Journals, as written when I made and tested each essence. These descriptions are more detailed that the brochures and soon hope to become a book. This often takes about 2 hours, sometimes longer."

It is a joyous and wondrous process, always teaching me more and more about each flower and each essence and the alchemy that happens when they are combined. 
A Personal Healing Essence is a one of a kind utterly unique essence, and always feels like a jewel that is created for each person.

The Personal Flower Essence  Formula Process is a combination of an  Empathic Reading, and a  meditation done for each individual. It is a transmission of healing energy from Mother Nature to you.

The Personal Healing Formulas will be available in 1 oz bottles. These are stock essences, not diluted and therefore you can create your own dosage bottle using 6 to  10 drops of the. Mother Stock Essence, added to Spring Water and a little brandy to stabilize it.

The RoseAngelis Remedies are always available to everyone. 
You can of course choose all your own essences. 
(Individual essences come in 1/2 oz. stock bottles - go to for selection and prices)

Trust your intuition and let the Essences guide you. You can never overdose with a Flower Essence. They are self regulating. If you do not need it it will never affect you negatively. it would be like smelling  flower, but not picking it! That is all.
Persona1 Healing Flower Essence Remedy 1  0z. Bottle  - $50.00

Less is More - Looking for The Balance Working with Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy and MS

"Less is More"
 Working with Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy and MS
"Looking for The Balance"

I recently worked with someone who has Cerebral Palsy. Mostly in her legs, so walking was very challenging as was simply standing or getting up and down from a chair. Anything that involved the movement of one's weight through space really, which is of course just about everything.

The biggest block I have found in multiple areas of a variety of therapies, is the idea of bringing someone to " normal" or back to what is considered proper or healthy balance and equilibrium.
There is often an assumption of "How it should be", which completely skips over how it is. Anyone who has suffered a debilitating or crippling injury or who is dealing with new limitations of movement due to a pathology is also looking for what was there before. This can create blocks and obstacles to progress and it pushes the system too far too fast.

How do you give someone the feeling of balance when they have none that they can perceive? And there is the answer. "None that they can perceive."  It is not that balance does not exist in that system it is simply that it has not been accessed or its language has not been deciphered or translated. Every system has its own language. That is why one must always be able to let go of an idea or an agenda and listen and look and ask, until the language of that system reveals itself. And it always does.

In almost all clients that I have worked with over the last 30 years, who are dealing either with an injury or a distinct pathology both they and the practitioner or therapist are looking for what they used to be and hoping to get back there. And truly it may be more than possible to reach that goal. But to begin we must find the available micro-movements and the psychological and emotional postures that are present in the system as it is in this moment. Identifying shape and rhythm, resistance and rigidity from fear or pain are only two of the elements in the process.

Here, also, is where intuition steps in. When I looked at this client what I saw was someone whose energy and focus was out of her legs, pulled away from her legs. How could she find balance if she had no connection to or awakened awareness of the very structures that existed to balance her?

When we make a re-connection through both recalling sensation and a curious, slow and kind exploration the system itself reboots so to speak and the cellular memory begins to act.
 Once we have the awareness and the joy of re-connection then we can begin to get very specific about how, with this person, we can, together re-create  balance.

After an hour's session, this client had new legs! Her balance had improved and expanded, she could walk stand and sit with much more ease, but most of all she was filled with joy to know that it was possible to improve and to improve so quickly.

**Seeing this client again on my next visit to the Netherlands, 1 year later, she had not only maintained her balance, but had advanced in ways she never thought would again be possible. The cumulative effect of repetition and recall establishes healing where healing has often been despaired of.