The Empath Series: Creating Your Filter: A Simple Process

Creating Your Filter: A Simple Process
created by Kate Rose

Find a place where you can have quiet and silence for about 10 to 30 minutes.
Take a comfortable position preferably sitting, be comfortable, chair, couch, floor and/ or  propped with pillows

Imagine for a moment that your breath is coming from in front of your chest and directly into your heart. Remember this is only your imagination so there is no right or wrong way, whatever you feel and imagine is perfect for you. These are suggestions and offerings, not rules.

Breathe ten times, natural easy breaths, or until you notice that your attention is on your heart rather than in your head. It will bounce back and forth, but the pathway is now open and accessible.
 You may feel a sensation of some kind on your chest, or not, it doesn't matter.
 Once you have connected with your heart and created this pathway between your heart and mind you are ready to begin.

 Imagine that you have a large bubble around you. Everyone's field is different so you must look and feel closely to see what your "bubble" is made of. It may be round oval, square or angled. Whatever it is, it is distinctly yours.

Once you perceive it, imagine that it is at least big enough that you can spread your arms wide in all directions and not hit the sides. It can be as vast or as small as you please.

 Notice what it is made of.  Does it feel strong or weak ? Inflated or deflated?
Comfortable or uncomfortable? If it is deflated, inflate it. Remember this is your imagination. If your logical left brain starts to make noise about how stupid and impossible this is, just remind it that you are simply using your imagination and it will immediately quiet down, as it does not believe in Imagination and will not feel required to save you.( A life-changing discovery and great secret, that is now not a secret.)

Once it is fully inflated, notice again what it is made of. It is thin or thick? Does it feel strong or weak? If it feels at all weak or if you desire it to feel stronger, simply make it that way. If you see a color use it or change it. It is all your preference and your creation.

Once you have the sense of it being strong and fully inflated look around and notice if you feel or see any holes, or open windows or open doors or cracks or unzipped zippers.
( these are usually behind you.) Check all directions. If you have a sense that there are holes of any kind, close them.

I simply say to myself close, close, close, close, close, again and again until they all feel closed. This requires that you trust yourself even if it feels silly or if you do not feel sure. When everything is closed pause and feel the difference . This is a most important moment. You WILL feel a difference and the next time you do it you will know what to look for. Your energy will change, you will feel a sense of relief, you won't feel as tired or depleted.

Next step: Look around and notice if "anyone" is in there with you. This is your space, private and sacred . If anyone is in there with you send them out, invite them to leave, have them escorted, blow them out of a cannon or whatever method feels good to you.
I then say, clear, clear, clear, clear, clear until it feels completely clear to me. It is kind of like washing a window and you keep on cleaning it until there are NO streaks left.

This will not hurt anyone nor with it disconnect you from those you love. It is simply a clearing and a fortification of boundaries that will support you to be in yourself in a powerful way and to clearly recognize what is yours and what is not.

Look around again and just feel the space. If you have a sense there is something hanging around, trust that you perceive correctly and simply command it to go. Continue this process until you feel your space is empty and clear. Just as when you come home, go to your own room or run a bath and get in and you feel,  "ahhhh, it is just me"... it feels great.

 You then want to fill this bubble or field with a vibrant, vital, pulsing, powerful energy.

 Mine: I was sailing once and saw the sun at noon shining on the water creating an infinite path of shimmering golden stars. I knew at once this is what I wanted to fill my bubble and surround myself in. So I simply imagined pumping it full of this substance until it felt full.

Find your substance, fill your bubble and again pause to feel it. PAUSING IS A MOST IMPORTANT PIECE. Pausing to feel it both imprints and sets it, and gives you a template to return to. The more you are consciously in it the more powerful it becomes.

 In the beginning my field was so weak that I did this exercise several times a day. After continual focused practice, I entered my bubble one morning and found it fully intact. It always is now. It takes maintenance just like keeping oil in the engine of my car, brushing my teeth, vacuuming my house.... and filling my bubble. It has completely transformed my ability to move in the world, to maintain a constant level of energy even in difficult moments, to stay healthy and more.

I know that if you do this practice it will change your life. I hope it serves you well.

Kate Rose

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