The Dance of Regeneration: The Activity, Effect and Energy of Fear in Blocking and Slowing Healing

The Brilliance of Our Body/Mind - The Dance of Regeneration
Every emotion has a kinesthetic response. This response travels through the somatic system bringing with it a cascade of reactions & chemicals that effects every single cell.
When we have suffered a trauma through illness or accident and are trying to heal, our tendency is to try to return to what we were before the trauma, accident or illness. But we are not that person anymore. We change every day and now we have a new set of experiences being integrated on multiple levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, kinesthetically. Each time we try to go back to what we were, each time we feel the fear that we will never be what we were, we unintentionally slow the process as if we were walking backward. It is the processing and acknowledging of the grief and loss of what we had or were that promotes and supports the healing. The shift from fear to hope, or the choice to trust and explore what we are in the present moment of our healing porcess, actually calls forth and empowers our systems in ways we have not yet imagined. The body/mind is very busy adapting and regenerating. When we are focusing all our energy, our emotions, our thoughts and feelings on re-creating what we used to be before the trauma, injury or illness, confusion is created in a very brilliant system that is quite busy regenerating itself. What we were before, is part of our past history and  experience. It is no longer active except cellular and emotional memory. Each moment we are creating new memories in the system. If we are focused on what was and not what is and what is trying to be, we can easily miss all the healing that is happening. And even so, the body /mind is brilliantly healing in spite of us. Asking for what we were before or fearing we will not be what we were before actually creates dams or obstacles in the system. Fear creates contraction and contraction slows the flow of both the energy and the movement that is required for both tissue and consciousness to heal.
You are not only what you were before, you are something new, unique and incredible. Healing is celebration and gratitude, trust and respect for a system designed to regenerate and what can be a most brilliant partner in healing and creating the newly formed you to emerge.
 It is a new song, and a new dance and in some way a new instrument. Containing all your memories, all your experiences, the intricate map of consciousness that is you, is, moment by moment creating new uncharted territory to live in and explore.
While we may grieve and need to grieve the loss of what we were, the choice to welcome and explore our own natural and innate healing process is empowering, fulfilling process that makes what may seem impossible possible.


The Empath Series: Dancing with the Drama

Dancing with the Drama

One question I am always asked is, why do I get so drained around people? Because we as Empaths feel so deeply it can be an automatic reflex to immediately enter someone else's drama and to experience their reality.
We then become part of the drama itself and can be unaware that we are feeding it rather than offering healing to it. In my experience healing is all about balance. Something is out of balance and needs to find its path back to balance. Once in balance, everything that is needed for its healing can express itself and move towards fuller and more complete balance, equilibrium and health on multiple levels.

The drama has a lot of energy and action.It is full of emotion strong feelings, attitudes, beliefs, actions and reactions. If you are feeling drained by too much drama, yours or someone else's, there are several elements to consider.

 Do we recognize drama or do we automatically assume it is the only reality? If one's habit is to dive right in, it might be important to decide how much you like it.

 Let's get real here. 
 One big question is "Do I have an addiction to drama and am I using my empathy to feed it?"
It only depends on how real you want to be with yourself. What you are willing to let go of to heal, and how far you wish to go in your own developmental process. And of course what it is you wish to use your gift for.

Drama is very entertaining to be sure. 
So the first question becomes "Am I willing to explore my relationship with drama?" And of course, the easiest way to begin the process is to simply look at your life. How much drama is in it? How much energy are you spending in the dramas? Yours and everyone else's? What is your investment?

Objectively, has being in the drama ever healed the drama?
What if we pause for a moment and simply ask ourselves, what is the purpose of this rather strange and unwieldy gift I have of being able to feel everyone's feelings?"
 Does it mean that I dive in and swim in the ocean of every person's reality? I can, to be sure. I have, to be sure! But it is so tiring and depleting and then there is the issue of the energetic attachments, which is another blog.

This gift has an infinite potential to uplift and heal. To be able to feel someone else so deeply but also to be able to maintain a separate existence, a separate level of being that allows one to say, "I see your drama and I hear your story and it is hard and painful. Come on up here and sit in this tree with me and let's look at it from a different perspective. As Empaths, we always have the choice to swim in a feeling, or to feel it, observe it and ask for guidance as to the best way to serve this person who needs healing or help in some way.

The easiest of course is to simply ask, what do you want, what do you need? As such a deeply feeling being, you can develop your gift to the degree that you can feel any feeling at will and you can both share and transmit and translate that feeling.

The drama then becomes very clear information, that shines a light on the path towards healing.