The Empath Series : Answers

The Empath Series

What is an Empath? What does being empathic mean?
There is a huge difference between being empathetic, and being an Empath. When one is empathetic one can choose to try to be aware of another's feelings, to step into another's shoes so to speak. When one is an Empath those feelings are not felt by choice but are automatically perceived and fully experienced in exactly the same way one feel's one's own feelings. In other words, if you are sad, I am sad. If you are happy, I am happy. If you angry, I am angry. And we feel them consciously.

 Until I was in my 20's, I just assumed that everyone felt everything. I feel feelings the way people see colors. They are just there. Everyone "wears" them. How can you not "see" ( feel)  them?

What I did not know how to do was filter them. That is the basic difference between someone who is an empath and the rest of the world. There is no natural filter system. All the feelings come in and they are combined with one's own feelings. It is life in a constant state of emotional overwhelm because the feelings are not recognized as separate from the emotions they engender.

In addition, there is an automatic assumption that if I can feel it I am somehow responsible for it and am supposed to fix it or make it better or change it. And of course, if you feel better I feel better.

Each day I will explore a different question and offer the answers that I have found over 40 years of living in the world and teaching and healing as a Full Empath.
The Questions: 

How do we, as Empaths, create a filter system where none exists?

 How do we recognize what is mine and what is theirs?

 How do we stop absorbing everyone's feelings without shutting down, and yet still stay aware sensitive?

Why does my body hurt?
Why do I have difficulty, allergies and negative reactions to allopathic/chemical medicines?

The Blame Game & Addiction to Drama

How do I feel?

Dreams, Visions & Precognitive Experiences

The Kinesthetic Map

and more......

Kate Rose is a Master Empath teaching and healing for over 40 years. She has travelled the world and offered her workshops, trainings, retreat & private sessions in Italy, France, Scotland, England, Egypt and the US.
She has recently settled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. 
 The next Healing retreat with Kate Rose:

The Gifts of the Rose”

2 Day Retreat with Kate Rose

   Oakridge Farm, Pelham, NC

February 17 & 18, 2018

Kate Rose, Empathic Healer, creator of ImagineHealing™, 
The RoseAngelis ™ Remedies, Quantum Flower Essences
 The Choice to Feel™ - Tools for Emotional Transformation & Empowerment

Join us for this special retreat where Kate will teach you and heal you with her gifts.
Touching the mind, body, spirit & emotions and working in the subtle energy fields,
you will experience the power of Imagination, Feeling & Nature as profound healing tools.

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