The Choice to Feel™ - Tools for Emotional Transformation Part 1

"The Choice to Feel”
 Tools for Emotional Transformation & Empowerment
Part 1
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched -
they must be felt with the heart. "
Helen Keller
What is feeling? Where does it live in us? How does it move? What changes feelings? How do feelings heal? Does everything feel? What would happen if every human being had an empathic connection to every other human being? To all the animals? To all of Nature? What if we already are? Where does joy live?
The journey inward is the quest, the path to enlightenment, the search for the Grail. A glimpse into the moment of understanding the stellar symphony, hearing the music of the spheres, knowing what love is. Traveling the path of feeling one becomes familiar with every movement of our collective cellular structure. It is to know that the equilibrium of one is the equilibrium of all. No movement can be felt or taken without affecting the all. The Choice to Feel it, to hear it, to practice listening to what it says creates a pathway transforming our relationship with fear.
There is only one way to slow the fantastically increasing speed of our world. We must pause and listen.
We must make The Choice to Feel, to feel ourselves and, therefore, each other. To feel it all. Choice. Everyone feels. We simply choose how much.
If, as Steven Hawking states so beautifully in his book “A Brief History of Time”, the universe is infinitely expanding, then are we not part of that infinite expansion? Intrinsically a part of our universe? We can, with attention, willingness, humor and fearlessness, feel ourselves in that natural and inevitable continuous expansion. When we “bump” into a piece of ourselves that is not in that movement, that is the piece we can re-engage by connection to our internal empathy at a cellular level. This is in willingness to be transparent to ourselves and each other. Here we can both study and experience the effect on the health and balance of our entire system, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
The Choice to Feelis the journey to explore, expand and develop the empathic effect of our human consciousness. To access and trust intuition & imagination, empathy and feeling, as living, valuable, necessary, integral parts of our daily life; as tools to guide us deeper into ourselves, bringing balance, harmony and understanding to this mystery of being human.
The language of Feeling is a tangible reality. As one discovers and develops this recognizable and naturally familiar terrain, the effect on the mind, body and emotions is immediate, creating a doorway through which we have access to our own empathic nature, to transformation, empowerment and healing. Empathy is the missing piece, the part of ourselves we have set aside and lost contact with. Being open to empathically sensing (feeling) the parts of ourselves and others that we love and fear, we touch all the layers of the human mind, body and spirit thus meeting the inner consciousness through the layers of our physical reality. We enter and experience the internal process of Feeling, its effects on our body, mind and spirit and discover how it reconnects us all, as we open to the rhythm and harmony of feeling the exquisite possibilities of being human.
Presently, we live in a world that values logical linear thinking & scientific proof. Feeling, Intuition & Imagination, are considered to be of less value, not real or dependable as sources of information and truth. Is it not true then, that we are only living in half of ourselves? When we allow the expression of the right brain functions, of free empowered Imagination to express themselves with equal power and validity then and then only will we come into the full equilibrium of our natural selves.
The Choice to Feelis the next step in our human evolution.

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