"The FluidMind Technique " "Oneness and the Wave" with Kate Rose at Center of Gravity in Lexington

Introductory Workshop with Kate Rose at Center of Gravity

Sunday, August 19, 2018 from 12-2 pm
Class Fee: $30.00
(pre-registration is required)


The FluidMind Technique”
(Pre-registration is Required )

Oneness & The Wave”
There is a wave that moves through all living things. We are part of this wave and its movement is what creates balance, equilibrium, inner peace, health and well being. Kate Rose’s FluidMind Technique teaches us a simple, effortless, pleasurable & natural way to reconnect with the wave inside each of us and in connecting with it, we connect with the Oneness of all that is. With gentle inner directed self questioning and soft effortless movement, we find our own personal pathway to relaxation, freedom from pain, limiting patterns of movement and inner peace. Our natural alignment has room to make itself known and we discover the incredible support of a system designed to give us freedom from the stress and rigidity that can be part of everyday life.

Kate Rose combines over 35 years of Private Practice and teaching of Holistic Healing & Movement
Integration in the US, Europe & the Middle East.
With her skill and knowledge in multiple modalities of Natural Healing, her understanding and knowledge of anatomy, the nervous system, the long term effects of trauma & repetitive stress combined with her unique and highly developed ability to feel and understand feeling, she has created a highly effective method of communicating, listening to, working with and healing Humans, Horses and the Earth. She gently and skillfully, with great humor and deep compassion, communicates directly and clearly with everyone she touches, creating balance, ease, realignment, equilibrium, relief from pain and injury and effecting the patterns that are inherent in injury and illness.
For registration please contact: Center of Gravity 540-462-2944

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