Journey Into Healing - A 2 day Healing Intensive in Beautiful Lexington, VA July 6 &7, 2019

July 6 & 7, 2019 in Lexington, Virginia
Resonance Frequencies: The Octaves of Healing”

" Every person has a superpower, every person is unique. As we traverse the
path of our lives, we often struggle to both find and express our uniqueness.
Breaking the bonds of our limiting beliefs and our fears, we enter into a realm
that seems to be full of magic and miracles. This can become our new normal. "
Kate Rose

Everything has a Resonance Frequency. These frequencies can be accessed, tuned, toned, changed, re-calibrated. When we have a disease, and ailment, an injury, a condition, a belief, a pattern, it has its own resonance and in order to have it live in us we must resonate at the same frequency, vibrate at the same rhythm as that particular condition. We can locate each resonance in the people we are working with and bring these frequencies into balance.

By changing, adjusting, refining & calibrating our own frequency to the frequencies of balance health, light, love, expansion, we can easily and quickly heal ourselves, our clients, our loved ones, the planet.... aha! Magic and Miracles!

Combining this practice with Vibrational Medicine, accessing our Divine Connection, connecting to the unconscious mind and the cellular memory, we enter a new field, a quantum field in an expanded reality where possibility becomes reality in a moment.

We can heal ourselves & each other, we can heal the Planet.
Please join me.

Take a journey with Kate Rose into the The Magic and Miracles of Healing
A 2 day Healing Intensive
in Beautiful Lexington, VA
July 6 &7, 2019

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